Our products

We manufacture aluminium castings from 5 gr. to 60 kg. in dimensions of 2000mm x 1600mm x 500mm. We currently have over 20 casting machines at our disposal. Production ranges from prototype construction to large series production runs. We guarantee the quality of our products by using state-of-the-art production and testing technologies. As a full-service provider of foundry products, we develop and manufacture according to individual customer requirements, from consultation to final assembly. Our customers include major OEMs as well as medium-sized and small companies from all branches of industry.


Quality & reference samples


Extract from our products at a glance

From prototype to production-ready cast part

Casing for 3D shaker mixer

The prototypes were made from aluminium blocks with the dimensions:

850 mm x 600 mm x 600 mm

milled from solid aluminium and the design defined.

Based on this, a gravity die casting tool with a weight of more than 1,500 kg was designed and built, the resulting aluminium casting with a unit weight of 20 kg is finished by us with a 5-axis machining centre and delivered with a powder-coated surface.


Luggage rack support

The luggage racks and accessories used by the railways and their suppliers for the interior fittings of suburban trains, long-distance trains and passenger trains in Germany and abroad are manufactured in our company in accordance with the drawings and to the high standards of our customers in terms of quality and surface finish.

Chair cover

For use in buses and trains with a highly decorative surface. Extensively machined, completely anodised and subsequently coated with paint.

Sun protection manufacturer

Here is a small selection from the sun protection and shading industry. We currently manufacture around 300 different cast parts for this industry and supply these parts to around 20 different customers throughout Europe. The cast aluminium castings are used for external venetian blinds, awnings and conservatory shading. Some of these items are cast with cast-in parts and threaded bushes, machined and surface-treated, and supplied assembled with other purchased parts.

Various castings

The cast parts shown here are used in a wide variety of industrial sectors. Mounting plates for the automation industry, base frames for dental medicine or opticians. At the front right of the picture you can see a measuring rim for measuring country roads and motorways, as well as a seat console for the railway industry. These parts are all cast using the permanent mould casting process and have dimensions of 1,400 mm x 750 mm and weights between 12 KG and 48 KG, the heaviest casting we are currently casting has a weight of 60 KG.

Quality & reference samples stock

Success through consistent quality and continuity. Ralf Mewes GmbH was one of the first aluminium foundries to have its quality management system certified in 1996.

There are currently around 7,000 different items in our reference samples stock. The reference and production samples stored here ensure traceability within our QM system.

In addition to ensuring that all measurements and tests are carried out using modern and calibrated measuring equipment, the materials used can be analysed at any time using our spectral analysis device.

Individual requests

Do you have an order enquiry or individual requests? We would be delighted if you would get in touch with us. You will receive an offer or a solution to your problem from us within a very short time.

Our team will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the development, production, further processing and assembly of your items.

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